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ASC Mission Statement


1670 Vimont Court, Unit 1
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1C 1T1
Phone: 613-830-0655
Fax: 613-830-1518


Just a few years ago, small arms fire was considered the main threat when confronted in hostile environments. Lately, the use of improvised explosive devices (IED’s) or roadside bombs have become the weapon of choice mainly, because of their ability to inflict a very high percentage of immediate fatalities. For those who daily, live and work where conflict is notorious the use of commercially manufactured mine and IED protected vehicles has become more and more of a necessity.

For some individuals, the question is not whether they will be attacked or not but, rather when will it happen?

Over the past five years ASC GmbH has become a front runner in the commercially armoured vehicle market because of their collective ability to analyze the ever changing threat and, adapt its armouring protocols accordingly to defeat that threat.

At ASC GmbH and ASC International we guarantee our clients that and as long as the threat exists, we will continue to adapt our armouring methodologies accordingly while remaining dedicated to offering them the best protection possible.

Armoured Specialty Cars (ASC) International Inc.

ASC International is a small sized manufacturer of armoured off-road vehicles with its production facility located in the east end of Ottawa, Ontario. ASC is a subsidiary of ASC GmbH of Reutlingen, Germany where the combined strength of both corporations lies in the development and manufacture of fully-certified, high-quality armoured vehicles for use by Heads of State, Industry Leaders, Diplomats and Special Police Units. Per annum ASC GmbH and ASC International manufactures up to 140 such vehicles. ASC currently hold over 30 different certifications for ballistics and explosives tests that were carried out under the strict supervision of Beschußamt Mellrichstadt and, the Federal German Criminal Department (BKA).